The touches of home make a difference.

Part of adding to the comfort of families who choose our funeral home is the attention we pay to making our environment comfortable and more inviting. Our parents started collecting Lladro figurines, Belleek and Waterford Crystal many years ago. We continue to display this collection as we continue to add to it. We’ve been in a nearly constant state of redecorating over the years to keep offering families a place where they can feel as comfortable as possible during a difficult time. You won’t see rows of chairs here. That’s not how people get together to share conversation. What you will see is furniture groupings throughout the chapel that encourage friends and loved ones to rest in comfort and engage in conversations. Often, there are family pictures throughout the entire area on tables in addition to video tributes and images throughout our spacious chapel. Our coffee and dining area is a large open area with lots of counter space, tables, chairs, a full size refrigerator/freezer and restrooms nearby. All of these areas are on the same floor as our chapel without any need for any guest to encounter stairs. The lighting, the temperature, and the amenities that really become necessities at times are all things we think about. Our home is your home during these times. Your family’s comfort is very important to us. Making it easier is what the Gibbons Family is here for.  

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