The Gibbons Family makes sure our seniors aren’t the last people to see the latest movies.

In fact, they’re among the first to see a first run movie each month. On the second Tuesday of each month, from April to October seniors are invited to York Theatre in Elmhurst to enjoy a continental breakfast and a movie for $2 sponsored by Gibbons Funeral Home and another guest host. It’s a great chance for many seniors around the community to get together and share each other’s company for a light breakfast and a movie. Often, one of the residential senior communities nearby helps sponsor the breakfast.

“We’ve been doing this for a few years now” said Marya Gibbons. She added, “There isn’t any sales presentation that people have to sit through, it’s just our way of doing something nice for the seniors in our community that they really enjoy.” With the cost of entertainment rising, the opportunity to see a first run movie and have a cup of coffee or tea and some sweets offers a very enjoyable getaway once a month. Hundreds of seniors look forward to the show each month. Many show up an hour early to see each other and catch up on the local buzz.