Gibbons Funeral Home-Overwhelming Circumstances; 3 Funerals in a very short time.


One death in your family is a lot to cope with; Joe and Regina Hughes of Elmhurst experienced 3 deaths in a very short window of time. First Joe’s father, then his grandmother and then Regina’s father, a very unexpected loss. They had never planned funeral services before, and suddenly they were deeply involved in planning three services with different wishes in each case. The Gibbons Family helped them. Regina explains that these experiences were made so much easier because of their professional assistance and friendship. “The budget issues were put at ease immediately. That saved us time, energy and emotional stress.” Regina stated, adding, “our only concern was to honor all of these special people in our family’s lives and put everything else aside”.  No one can know for sure when the need for funeral services will arise. What you can know; is we’ll be there for you at Gibbons Funeral Home.