Carrying out your loved one’s wishes is what we do… Even if it takes a little while.

When Rob Zoromski’s mom passed away, he already knew he should call Gibbons Funeral Home Elmhurst. He knew because she told him to. She also told her son that she wanted to be buried with his father in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was February and over 100 inches of snow fell in the cemetery in Northern Michigan. Gibbons handled the arrangements for the full 76 days it took until Rob’s mom could finally be in her final resting place next to his dad. Rob, from Villa Park, stated “14 hours after my mom passed I was at Gibbons talking with Marya. She held my hand through the entire process and made it a lot easier”. In this case it meant being there for over 2 months until the service was concluded. To Marya and Tom Gibbons, it meant doing what Rob’s mom wanted. And that’s what they do.