His Service in the Navy was very important.

Maureen Engbretson and her husband Steve share their experience of arranging services for Steve’s father, a US Navy Veteran. Because of his service in the Navy, Mr.  Engbretson and his wife earned the right to be buried at Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, IL. The graves and burial fees are free of charge to Veteran’s and their spouses at National Cemeteries. Every Veteran is entitled to this benefit, though many aren’t aware of this earned benefit. Thomas and Marya Gibbons make it a practice to frequently remind Veteran’s and their families that this earned benefit is available to them.

Moreover, Maureen explains how Marya Gibbons went above and beyond to see that the Engbretsons could bear witness to the entire service through to the interment. “When I asked her if we could do this and explained how important it was to us, she said she’d find out, and do everything she could to ensure we could be there”. She added, “Like everything else the Gibbons Family did on our behalf, they came through. Our family was able to be there through to the final respects at their final resting place”. Maureen and Steve are honored that his parents are honored for the service and sacrifice his dad made for his country. He rests among the American heroes he served with, before and after.

Maureen calls Marya’s extra help “The Personal Touch” Marya calls it “The Honor every Veteran deserves”.

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