Gift of Hope; A Life Giving Gift

Gift of Hope is a not for profit organization that coordinates the donation of organ and tissue, to save lives through those loving donations. That coordination includes; physicians, nurses, transplant centers and funeral directors. The most important people in the process are the families themselves. The loving and generous donations come from the families and the people who make it known they wish to be donors.

Barbara Dolan and Anna Michiels explain the mission of Gift of Hope and how that mission saves lives and offers comfort to families dealing with loss on one side and the gift of life on the other. Barbara explains that the “heroism” of the families, especially those who have lost somebody very young, for extending this gift at a sad and vulnerable time. Anna works directly with funeral directors, who are very much part of the process in assisting in the gifts.

Important decisions are never easy, and this one may be the most difficult there is. And those families and people who choose are heroes whose legacy of life continues through the most grateful people one can imagine.

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