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Marya Gibbons discusses female funeral directors in the industry with The Chicago Sun-Times…


Collaborating with our Faith Partners

A big part of funeral arrangements is the funeral rites themselves. The Gibbons Family is fortunate to have outstanding relationships with all of the faith communities in our area who really partner with us in ensuring a smooth transition for our families from the viewing portion of our services to the religious rites and ceremonies when the ultimate celebrations of their lives on Earth take place. Pastoral Associates like Patti Riggs, Deacons like Tony Spatafore, and Clergymen like Fr. Tom Paul absolutely complete the circle of cooperation in providing comfort and ease to families experiencing a loss. It’s really a partnership in ministry that we all work hard to keep serving with dignity and compassion. Our community is blessed with many wonderful places of worship and people in each who care deeply.


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Gibbons Funeral Home-Overwhelming Circumstances; 3 Funerals in a very short time.


One death in your family is a lot to cope with; Joe and Regina Hughes of Elmhurst experienced 3 deaths in a very short window of time. First Joe’s father, then his grandmother and then Regina’s father, a very unexpected loss. They had never planned funeral services before, and suddenly they were deeply involved in planning three services with different wishes in each case. The Gibbons Family helped them. Regina explains that these experiences were made so much easier because of their professional assistance and friendship. “The budget issues were put at ease immediately. That saved us time, energy and emotional stress.” Regina stated, adding, “our only concern was to honor all of these special people in our family’s lives and put everything else aside”.  No one can know for sure when the need for funeral services will arise. What you can know; is we’ll be there for you at Gibbons Funeral Home.

Once we’ve served you at Gibbons, it raises the relationship forever

The Gibbons Family lives, works and plays in Elmhurst. This is the third generation of the family now providing service to Elmhurst, Oak Brook, Bensenville, Villa Park and other neighboring communities. Tom and Marya have 6 children involved in every activity at schools, parks and elsewhere in town. They both belong to City and Parish service organizations. They are blessed to meet a lot of people around town. It’s very common that when the time of need arises, the Gibbons already have a connection with the family needing their assistance. The relationship with the families change levels profoundly and forever when the neighbors you know from school, baseball, dancing or the grocery store are pressed into service to help you through a very difficult time. It’s an honor and a privilege to serve our communities and become an even more important relationship in your lives.

Pre-Arrangements Can Be a Relief to Families.

If you ask Deacon Tony Spatafore of Visitation Catholic Church in Elmhurst why he encouraged his mother to have her funeral arrangements pre-planned, he’d tell you,  “I wanted to celebrate my mother’s life. I didn’t want to get bogged down with all kinds of paperwork”. He added that it was a relief off of his shoulders to know that this very important process was taken care of with his mother’s input. When the time eventually came, Tony, an only child, didn’t have all of the sudden decisions to make when honoring his mom was the only thing that really mattered to him and his family. “It made all the difference in the world”. He highly recommends families consider Pre-Planned Funeral Arrangements.


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Veterans – Commemorating Those Who Served

When Kathy Gidcumb thinks of her dad, she thinks of his service and just how important his service was to him. Tom Revane went on to marry, raise a family and serve his community, his parish and was a proud member of the Knights of Columbus. “When you speak to a family about funeral arrangements for a Veteran, it becomes clear that being a proud Veteran is part and parcel of who they are”, states Marya Gibbons. Added Thomas A. Gibbons Jr., “That moment where you present the flag to a family and state ‘On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation’, the gravity of the service and sacrifice made by the men and women who served is impossible to misunderstand”. With Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery nearby, a veteran and a spouse can be buried at no charge for the burial expenses. Because the Lincoln National Cemetery was opened rather recently, many veterans and families are unaware of this earned benefit. For details, contact Tom or Marya Gibbons at 630.832.0018 or click here.

Kathy Gidcumb says it best, “It really was done, just lovely”.


Carrying out your loved one’s wishes is what we do… Even if it takes a little while.

When Rob Zoromski’s mom passed away, he already knew he should call Gibbons Funeral Home Elmhurst. He knew because she told him to. She also told her son that she wanted to be buried with his father in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It was February and over 100 inches of snow fell in the cemetery in Northern Michigan. Gibbons handled the arrangements for the full 76 days it took until Rob’s mom could finally be in her final resting place next to his dad. Rob, from Villa Park, stated “14 hours after my mom passed I was at Gibbons talking with Marya. She held my hand through the entire process and made it a lot easier”. In this case it meant being there for over 2 months until the service was concluded. To Marya and Tom Gibbons, it meant doing what Rob’s mom wanted. And that’s what they do.