The Experienced Professionals at Gibbons have earned the respect of the local Faith Community.

Gibbons Funeral Home in Elmhurst serves many faith communities nearby. The funeral rites are very important to families. Marya and Tom Gibbons have carried on the legacy of very close relationships with the bereavement ministries within the parishes and congregations in the area they serve. Pastoral Associate Patti Riggs states it beautifully as does Deacon Tony Spatafore of Visitation Parish in Elmhurst. “When the Gibbons Family is arranging the Funeral, every detail is seen to, they know exactly what to do”.  Adds Fr. Tom Paul, Pastor of Immaculate Conception, “They know how to help families who have coped with loss”. Fr. Tom goes back a couple generations with the professionalism of the Gibbons Family and appreciates the ‘complete circle of cooperation’ in ministering to families who have lost a loved one. The partnership between the funeral home, the clergy and the faith community is a vital element in providing comfort, compassion, and dignity to families.

“Our community is truly blessed with so many wonderful faith communities who care so deeply”, says Marya Gibbons.

To reach out to the Gibbons Family for at need or with Pre-Planning services, contact us anytime, day or night at 630-832-0018.

To reach out to the Gibbons Family:





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