Gibbons Funeral Home believes in going above and beyond

According to Chicago Tribune writer Bill Jauss, the last words spoken by Sports Writer and Television personality Bill Gleason to his ink-stained friends were “You guys had a great time”.

Bill was bigger than life and humble as pie at the same time. Awarded the Silver Star for his service in France with the US Army, he went on to live a sports enthusiast’s dream as a Sportswriter for the Chicago American, South Bend Tribune, Daily Southtown and the Chicago Sun Times. He also helped create “The Sportswriters” radio talk show which evolved into the nationally syndicated “Sportswriters on TV” He also authored 3 books.

Bill and Mary Ellen Gleason chose Gibbons Funeral Home to handle his arrangements. Bill was a stickler for doing things right and he knew the Gibbons Family would do precisely what he wanted. Mary Ellen, an Elmhurst native whose family has chosen Gibbons for generations tells the story of the kind and loving treatment she received for Bill’s arrangements and a tale of a number of years ago when the Gibbons Family went above and beyond the call of duty to offer additional comfort to their family. Mary Ellen said it best, “My family never got over the love and care provided by the Gibbons Family”.



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