Honoring Our Veteran Heroes

veteran funeral ceremonyMaybe the most rewarding part of working in the funeral industry is the opportunity we have to share the memories and recollections of the families we serve as we discuss the most appropriate arrangements with them. Gibbons Funeral Home has served all kinds of families, big and small, outgoing and quiet, well-known and hardly known and any other trait imaginable. What all of the families have in common is a deep sense of reflection on who their loved one was to them and to others whose lives they touched. Often this is a very emotional experience and we nearly always catch ourselves getting caught up in the stories of their lives. Weve learned that even after generations of providing this service, every service is as unique as the life that were celebrating. Jorie Maciejewski is sharing the story of her beloved grandpa who passed suddenly. He was retired as a Mailman, a job he loved because he was a people person his entire life. He was also a veteran; a hero of the Greatest Generation, who earned and received all of the honors of a grateful nation that come with the burial of a man who wore this countrys uniform and fought for the freedom we all enjoy. Her telling of his story is very special. You can see the pride in her face without hearing a word. Veterans are passing away with greater frequency everyday now. Every family with a veteran can tell the story that seems familiar at first, but soon enough their own unique experience separates their story from millions of others leaving a lasting memory cataloguing the life experience of this particular veteran.

The Warriors Watch Organization provided a motorcycle escort for her hero; her grandfather. 

warriors watch motorcycle escort

Warriors Watch Motorcycle Escort

Marya Gibbons was the funeral director for the services for Jories grandfather. She handled all of the details with Jorie and her mother, so they could focus on the most important part of the process. The part where the beautiful lasting memories are formed to be shared for generations.

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